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What 2018 brought us and what to expect in 2019

The New Year has already arrived and probably every single one of us is looking back at 2018 and is setting goals for the new year. But what actually happened last year?

We can’t be more thrilled that more and more people do sports on a regular basis and discover the positive effects of being physically active. 2018 was not short on events which were of significant importance for improving your lifestyle. That’s why we want to make a short recap of what happened in 2018.

MultiSport KIDS

We are very happy that the children’s sports card MultiSport KIDS now offers an even greater variety of sports activities, tailored to the children’s needs. You can now find facilities accepting MultiSport KIDS cards not only in Sofia, but also in Plovdiv, Ruse, Burgas, Varna and other cities.

During 2018, we also enriched the MultiSport programme with a number of new and exciting activities.


One of them is wakeboarding – a towed surface water sport where you are towed on a board behind a watercraft and which allows you to perform jumps and tricks in the air.

Rope parks

Rope parks are the perfect sports experience for all adventurers, who want to enjoy breathtaking views while crossing swinging beams and hanging stairs.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is an exciting sport which provides a wonderful opportunity to relax outdoors and gives you the perfect getaway from your daily routine.

Indoor skiing and snowboarding

The first indoor skiing sports center in Bulgaria – Carve allows you to go skiing and snowboarding throughout the entire year.

Also, every MultiSport cardholder can now use his or her card to play bowling, golf, mini golf, to jump on trampolines and visit many other activities.

So here comes the moment to ask ourselves:

How much of our free time did we devote to physical activities in 2018? Were we really physically active? How did we benefit from being physically active and how did this reflect on our health and personal life?

And finally, what will be our goals for this year?

In 2018 we also launched our blog, where we actively share useful information about new sports activities and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

In 2019, you can expect a variety of materials which advise us how we can improve our lifestyle, provide us with some fun facts and information about different sports and recreational facilities which you can visit.

We would like to wish you lots of success in your future endeavors, and let’s not forget that physical activity is the key to a good health and an excellent shape.

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