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Stories about ordinary people’s extraordinary reasons for playing sports

“Sport is good for your health. Get in shape. Create a routine. Be active. Take care of yourself. Work out…”

We’re all aware of the significance of sports in promoting good health. We understand the need to carve out time for physical activity and sports. Yet, these statements have become so clichéd that they’ve lost their ability to inspire and drive transformative change.

That’s why we want to show you something from a different perspective. Inside out, exploring beyond the outcome reflected in an active lifestyle, regular sports and an already created habit.

We decided to deep dive the motivating force that drives people to do sports by creating the platform “101 reasons to do sports”. Every story as every individual is unique, which will shape the rhythm of our research.

A series about ordinary people’s extraordinary reasons for playing sports. We will tell you real stories that will inspire more people to discover their personal connection with sports.

How to create you own “Swan lake”?

Meet the captivating Dana, a graphic designer and illustrator who spent a considerable amount of time trapped within her own thoughts, plagued by the fear of making mistakes or failing. However, everything transformed two years ago when her boyfriend gifted her a pair of roller skates. Initially hesitant, she practiced in the confines of her living room until her confidence bloomed. Stepping outside, she found her world drastically altered.

„There is nothing that could replace movement and sport in my soul“

Her first experience with roller skating came shortly after her 30th birthday and she says it is never to late to start. When she rides, Dana gains the confidence to take each next step, no matter if she stumbles. The outcome is not merely success; it’s a vivid, pink-neon enchantment.

Witness her profound connection with sports and movement in the video:

101 reasons to be active. What is yours?