FAQ - Multisport



Who are MultiSport partners?

We work with more than 900 facilities throughout Bulgaria. Our dedicated team works hard to select and provide you with the best quality gyms, swimming pools, fitness classes and other sporting amenities. The full list of sports facilities you can find on our Locations page.

How do I join MultiSport?

MultiSport card is a revolutionary employee benefit program, so it means it is not available to individuals and is  sponsored or co-financed by the member’s employer. We work with different companies – large, medium and small ones. If you are an HR manager and you are wondering how to motivate your team – do not look any further. MultiSport card will engage your team and make your staff feel better. Contact us and learn more about why sports benefits are important!

Where can I use MultiSport?

You can use the MutliSport card in any of our partners’ facilities. Currently our network consists of more than 900 sports facilities throughout Bulgaria. We offer more than 500 different activities - try them all! Check the full list on our locations page.

How does MultiSport work?

As soon as you get your card from your employer you can use it in any of the hundreds of our partners’ facilities. The only thing you need to do is to choose an activity you like, pack your sports clothes and go to the desired sports facility! At the reception, present your personal MultiSport card, along with an identification document, issued by the competent governmental, municipal, educational or other authority, containing your name, surname and a photograph (for example ID card, passport, driving licence, student's book and so on) and that’s it. Have a workout, swim, dance and have fun!

What is MultiSport?

MultiSport is an employee benefit program that grants you an access to hundreds of different gyms, studios and swimming pools in whole Bulgaria. It is a card based on monthly subscription that allows you to use any facility in our network. The only thing you need is to receive a card from your employer!

For employees

How often can I use the card?

You can use a card once a day every day! It means that you can try 30/31 different activities monthly!

How do I recommend a sport facility to be added to MultiSport programme?

You can drop us an e-mail on the Contact page. Our Partners development team will check whether a recommended partner meets our requirements and if they do – we’ll do our best to add them to our programme.

Can I have a card for a family member?

It depends on the agreements with your employer. Please ask your HR manager if there is such a possibility and what conditions does your company have for family members.

What I should know before going for a MultiSport activity?

Your Multisport card is your name. So please do not forget to take your photo ID to show it at the reception prior to using the chosen activity. Apart from that all you need is to take a lot of energy and passion to the sport facility!  

How many classes can I attend with my MultiSport card?

MultiSport card allows you to do one activity per day. It means that every day you can try whatever you want! Today work out at the gym and tomorrow you can try out some dancing classes, and during the weekend gather up with some friends and play a game of bowling! We offer more than 500 different activities - check them all out! Please check the Locations page to see what our partners are offering you today!

When does my MultiSport membership start?

You can use your card from the very moment you receive it from your employer. You don’t need to wait! Just grab your sports clothes and start the workout! Check out the nearest facility on our Locations page.

For employer

What is the cost of Multisport card?

Many factors influence the cost of the MultiSport programme. The most significant ones are the number of people signed up for the programme and the funding model. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us!

Why is it worth offering my employees MultiSport?

Healthier employees mean better employees. Research shows that doing sport helps people be more work-motivated and productive, and it also reduces the amount of sick leave. Multisport will help you to build motivation and engagement in your team!

What are employee benefits?

Various types of non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries. It might be a sports card or health insurance that employers give to an employee.

What are health days?

We know that healthy lifestyle matter! If you want to keep your employees in good shape and show them the benefits of being fit, then let us help you! Contact us and we will arrange a tailor-made Health Day for your company. Your employees will enjoy sports, try out new sports activities, learn interesting facts about a healthy lifestyle and gain information about the MultiSport programme. All this will be arranged the way you want it to be!

How to finance the MultiSport programme?

These are the most frequently used funding models available on the market:

  • Full coverage of the expenses for the MultiSport programme by the employer.
  • Co-financing between the employer and the employee

What will MultiSport card give to my employees?

You can offer your employees the freedom to choose and a flexible sport product. You know that everyone is different. The MultiSport card provides your employees with the opportunity to select activities of their own choice, as well as to choose the most convenient time for them to carry out these activities. You do not need to work with many sports providers because you will get a wide variety of sport activities with MultiSport.

For partners

What are the prices?

Prices depends on many different factors, such as: types of activities provided, location of the facility, number of visits etc. We treat every partner uniquely and we discuss prices individually.

Is a contract required?

Yes. We are a professional company and a signed contract is required. However, our goal is to focus on your business – not paperwork. You can always expect uncomplicated rules of cooperation.

What are the payment terms?

The main due term is 14 days.

How do I add my sport facility to the MultiSport programme?

It’s great to hear that you want to join our programme! Our partners relationship team is waiting to hear from you. Please go to our Partner page and get contact.