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How Many Calories Do We Burn during different sports activities?

Everyone wants to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, so it might be helpful to know which sports and leisure activities are best for that. Before choosing any of the activities listed below, be sure to consult your doctor first – and always remember to have the right outfit on and a qualified instructor to achieve optimum results.

Running – Running is a fantastic cardio workout because it helps you burn around 450 calories in 30 minutes. Running is perfect for improving your leg strength and endurance and if you choose to do sprints, you will burn excess fat from your abdomen as well. Stretch well, warm your knees and ankles up and start at a moderate pace to avoid injury.

Sports Climbing – This sport is based on short and fast intervals in which to use maximum amount of energy. Sports climbing maintains strength, durability and flexibility. Since we use both hands and feet, at the end of the workout, the entire body is well trained. Sports climbing has another advantage – you will burn about 371 calories every half an hour.

Boxing – If you play well enough to enter the ring, you’ll be rewarded with a loss of 324 calories in just 30 minutes. In addition, your muscles will go through quite high levels of exercise, but the reward is well worth it.

Swimming provides excellent overall body workout, burning up to 360 calories in half an hour, depending on the style used. It is suitable for people of any age and especially for those who have back pain or problems with the spine. First, start with two laps and a short break (of about 10 seconds), then repeat and gradually increase the number of laps performed without a break.

Rowing – Burning about 220 calories in half an hour makes rowing a very effective way to get rid of the extra energy. It also builds endurance, strength and trains the shoulders, hips and biceps muscles. The key to rowing is the technique – coordinating the legs, back and arms that need to work in perfect synchronization. Kayaking and canoe kayaking burn about 170 calories in 30 minutes.

Tennis – Here is a fun game that requires speed, agility, strength and reaction time. It burns about 250 to 300 calories in a 30-minute game, providing a great opportunity to burn excess calories while also doing a great workout for the whole body. Wear suitable shoes to avoid ankle injuries.

Dancing – Yes, we can dance and feel like we’ve just done a workout at the gym. Folk dancing, for example, burns about 190 calories in half an hour and gives us a moderately intensive aerobic workout. They develop your abdomen’s flexibility, strength and endurance – and you won’t even feel like you’re working out. So, get out there and celebrate the joy of movement!

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