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5 fun sports activities for couples

St. Valentine’s Day is here and everyone is looking for creative ideas on how to spend the holiday. Valentine’s Day is giving us some food for thought – why dedicate just a single day in the year to our better half, and not think about how you can spend your time together in a special way throughout the whole year? That’s why we have a question for you: Do you know that working out stimulates the production of endorphins, commonly known as “the happiness hormone”? And who would you want to share those happy moments with, if not with your loved one? This is what we want to advise you – work out together throughout the whole year and you will be convinced that this will have a positive effect on your relationship. Here are some ideas on how you can spend your quality time in an interesting and fun way and you can try out new things together every day.


A fun sport, which can be found in almost every big city in Bulgaria. You can form a team with your better half and you can compete against another couple. Bowling is always fun … especially the rush you feel after your first strike.

 Relax at the SPA center

But that’s not all. We have another couple sport suggestion for you, in case you are one of those people who prefer relaxing experiences. Visit a SPA center and enjoy a variety of steam baths, saunas and swimming pools. Afterwards, you will feel rested and more energetic.


Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is that women would usually drag their partners to dancing lessons, but you will be surprised how many men are actually into dancing. Dancing might reveal hidden talents and might even help you discover new sides of your relationship. And you don’t even need to be professionals to enjoy dancing and the time you spend together.

Racket sports

Badminton, tennis and table tennis are just a small part of all the racket sports that you can play together. You can even pair up with your partner and play a doubles match against another couple. Even if you hate losing, we’re sure that by the end of the game, regardless of the result, you will feel closer to each other and you will be glad that you were physically active.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a beautiful sport for all animal lovers. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to relax outdoors and gives you the perfect romantic getaway. Even if you are afraid of riding horses, you will be surprised how fast you will relax and start having fun.

Water sports

Spring is coming soon and we all know how great it is to take long walks outside when the weather is nice. Walks in the park are great, but why not try out some unusual outdoor experiences like sailing or kayaking? If you are anxious to try kayaking on your own, you can always rent a double kayak with your partner, more widely known as “tandem kayak”. You will be able to talk the entire time, while you are paddling together. Without any doubt, working out together might help you build a stronger emotional bond and help you know each other even better. Whatever sport you choose, you will feel more excited and motivated to practice it, when you are doing it in the company of your partner. Turn your day-to-day activities into precious moments spent with you better half, create romantic memories and enjoy the time you spend together.  We wish you love and fun activities every day!
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