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Mineral Pools Heal Us in the Winter

4 mineral pools in all parts of the country will take care of our bodies this winter.

Ranking after Japan and Iceland, Bulgaria is the third country in the world with biggest amount of mineral pools with healing properties. Some of them are located in very beautiful areas, very easy to reach and last but not least – accessible with MultiSport Cards. 

Just half an hour from the Sofia downtown area, the Corali outdoor pool tempts us with its heat. The water has a temperature of 49 degrees, and until it reaches the pool, it falls to the pleasant 31 degrees. Pancharevo water is considered to have an extremely good effect on a variety of skin and nervous diseases.

Traditionally, mineral water is also recommended in cases of muscle and joint aches. “In case of peak inflammation or a problem that we are not sure what exactly caused it, it is recommended to consult a specialist before entering the pool. However, there are inflammations and health conditions which can become worse if treated with mineral water” kinesitherapists point out. A faithful helper in the overall relaxation of the mind and body are the magical views around Corali – the pool is just next to the Pancharevo Lake. Now imagine the freezing air temperatures, the warm pool and in front of you the icy lake and the snowy mountain slopes. A true fairytale!

Kostenets enjoys a healing water from the bowels of the Rila Mountain. Here, mineral pools are recommended for almost every condition, and are predominantly beneficial in cases of coxarthrosis, discopathy, and problems with the excretory system. Kostenets Thermal Spa has three mineral pools at your disposal – one indoor and two outdoor pools. The best part is that they are only 80 meters away from the Kostenets Waterfall which makes the experience beneficial for both your body and soul. The mineral heat may seem even more tempting to us as we watch the frozen water element of the waterfall.

Vitalis hotel, Pchelinski bani

If you want to try more than one location, only 2 km away from Kostenets, the Pchelin Baths are a perfect choice. At its source, the mineral water there reaches 72.8 degrees and is one of the hottest springs in Bulgaria. One of the places in which we can enjoy it is the Vitalis Hotel which gives access to two pools – one indoor and one outdoor pool. The water in Pchelin, in addition to being useful for the skin and joints, because of its high temperature, also successfully boosts the metabolism.

Alfa SPA

It is also easy to combine downhill skiing with a nice relaxation in the mineral pool. Only 6 kilometers away from Bansko lies the Alpha Spa Complex. There, everyone can take advantage of 3 outdoor swimming pools with a view to Pirin Mountain. The water temperature varies between 30 and 40 degrees which is favorable for the whole body. The beauty of Rila Mountain awaits us at Kotvata Aqua Club where the modern world and tradition are combined in a warm embrace. The complex is located over archaeological excavations which makes the holiday an interesting historical adventure.

Massage flambèe for tone

The fiery massage is one of the most interesting proposals for the winter season. The specialists of Senses Massage and Recreation in Sofia light a fire on their customers’ backs which help relieve fatigue and remove toxins from their bodies. Moreover, the massage also improves blood circulation which plays a key role in the cold months. In addition to this massage, each MultiSport Card holder can benefit from up to a 20% discount off various massages and face-and-body therapies.

Salt therapy against viruses

Salt room and salt capsules are one of our strongest weapons in the struggle against persistent winter viruses and respiratory problems that often occur due to the dirty air and fogs. The specific atmosphere in the salt room is achieved by sprinkling fine particles of 1–5 micron of salt with a purity of 99.95%. The goal is that they are easily inhaled and even penetrate the skin. The ionised air for a one 40-minute procedure benefits like a several hours walk in the coniferous forest. Saline therapy is recommended for both adults and children, as the child organism is in a great need of assistance in building a healthy immune system. The visit to the salt room is fully covered by the MultiSport and MultiSport KIDS Cards as there are rooms in almost every point of Bulgaria – Sofia, Varna, Ruse, Yambol, Sliven, Haskovo, Kardjali, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Shumen and Burgas.

Detox with sauna and steam bath

Steam bath and sauna are pleasant and effective methods of defeating viruses and getting toned in winter, both of which are accessible with the MultiSport Card. The steam bath usually radiates heat of about 45 degrees at air humidity, close to 100%. It is considered one of the best ways of detoxification, as it has a strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic and moisturizing effect. Sauna is the dry option of the steam bath where the temperature is about 100 degrees, and the air is heated by a stove (electric or wood-burning).

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