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How to work from home with the children around us

MultiSport@Home gives you some ideas on how to balance all the activities

We are used to talking about our fast-paced daily routine in which somehow we all manage to multitask. Now, however, perhaps for the first time, we are aware that our success is largely due to the work of the teachers in the kindergartens and the schools. In this state of emergency, we rely mainly on technology as a means to help us work, learn and have fun. Now, more than ever, we need to be collaborative, exceptionally self-disciplined, patient and creative so that we can handle all those daily tasks. That’s why we will try to provide you with fresh ideas and a variety of activities to help you balance your work responsibilities and childcare.

We are facing the same challenges as everyone else, so we are constantly looking for ways to remain good and productive employees and, at the same time, to be responsible parents who are actively involved in the physical and mental development of their children. Let’s stay active and turn the moments with our loved ones into happy moments.

Колкото и да сме ангажирани със служебни дела, може да отделим време за децата си в някоя от предвидените почивки в работния ден. Ето една интересна и полезна идея как да развиваме фината моторика на децата, които са в яслена и градинска възраст с помощта на подръчни материали.

As much as we are involved in office work, we can spare some time for our children during the scheduled work day breaks. Here are some interesting ideas on how to improve your fine motor skills of children that are in a pre-school age.

Funny toilet paper roll figures

Снимка: Gallery Markoff

Necessary materials:

  • Rolls of toilet paper
  • Water-based paint and brushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored glossy blocks

Color the roll in a color of your choice. While you are waiting for it to dry, cut our feathers cut from the glossy blocks, prepare the beaks and combs. Then, start gluing each piece of the chicks as shown on the picture. If you don’t have such eyeballs, use paint, colouring pens, or pencils to draw eyes.

One of the most important things in the development of children is the physical activity which helps them grow healthy and happy. There are various activities that children can do while you work. Here are some fun kids games to enjoy at home:

Tunnel ball game

Necessary materials:

  • Kitchen or toilet paper rolls
  • Balls
  • Tape
  • Bowl
  • Imagination

Glue the rollers upright to the door / cabinet / wall, stacking several under one another to form a longer tunnel. Under the last roll, place a saucepan / bowl / basin where the balls fall so they do not scatter to the floor. To adapt the game for older children, you can arrange several tunnels and mark them in different colors that match the colours of the balls so that the children can sort them by colour.

Tape and obstacles route

Necessary materials

  • Paper tape

Using paper tape, stick arrows 40-50 cm apart from each other so that it becomes a route for children to pass. You can use various objects as obstacles: pillows, small tables , a ball to kick at the finish line, or any other ideas that pop into your mind and which you think will be interesting for the kids.

Games suitable for older children

Revive the shadows

Necessary materials:

  • White drawing sheets
  • Animal figures
  • Colouring pens

Put a white sheet of paper on the ground and put an animal figure on one side of it so that its shadow falls on the leaf. Outline the figure that appears on the sheet, then color it as the original.

New suggestions for children’s activities are coming soon!

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