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How to make most of our time at home

It’s officially our fifth week at home. As strange as it may seem to spend so much time at home, we are now more or less used to staying at home. And if the last few weeks have passed in the hope that everything will come to an end more quickly and we will return to our usual daily routine, now our mind is slowly starting to move in another direction – that we are more and more focusing on the things we can do while we are at home.

And in order to preserve ourselves in this situation, we need to focus on positive things that will bring us pleasure and make us feel good. That’s why we are sharing some ideas with you on how to use your time at home in a productive manner:

Make yourself a cooking book

You just managed to prepare breakfast and it’s time to think about lunch…and dinner. And you probably you don’t have a ton of cooking books lying around at your home if you’re not a huge fan of cooking. After the first week, the time it takes to find the right meal is more than the time you need to prepare it. You have certainly found yourself, at least several times, in this situation recently. What we offer as a solution is to make your own recipe book. Whether you include your favorite dishes or those you found while experimenting with new flavors is up to you. One thing is for sure, however, the next time you are wondering what to cook, you will have a loyal helper to rely on.

Mini garden with fresh herbs and spices

Another thing in the culinary field that we challenge you to try is to make your own mini garden for spices and herbs. You need a sunny corner, on the terrace or by the window, a few small pots, seeds and suitable soil. Some of the plants that you can easily grow are: basil, coriander, dill, parsley, garden tea. Think about the needs of the plants in terms of soil, light, humidity and so on when deciding what you will be growing. As the plants, not unlike us humans, have individual preferences. Of course, be sure to include your imagination here too – you can replace the pots with an unusable teapot, lacquered cans or old rubber boots.

Breathe new life into an old object

Every one of us has something at home that is no longer working, but we have not thrown it away. Wondering “When will it be time to fix it?”, Our next action has always been to move it to another cabinet. Well, now is the time to fix it! Just think about what is waiting for you – it may be an old appliance that has broken down just after its warranty expired. On the Internet you will find instructions with information on almost every series of equipment. Rest assured that as you tackle this challenge, not only will you learn something new, you will also feel energized, as this type of activity excels at eliminating negative emotions and unpleasant thoughts.

Whatever you choose to do at home – stay active, stay healthy!

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