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How to stay productive when you work from home

Due to the crisis in the country, one of the security measures taken is work from home. That’s why, most people are forced to work remotely, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. But of course, there are some of us who have been working as freelancers for a long time and they have already built a work from home routine, but for the office workers, adaptation is not so easy.

One of the most common challenges they face is calling meetings without being physically present, as well as having difficulties with meeting deadlines and productivity levels.

Despite the unpredicted circumstances, each of us must continue to lead a fulfilling lifestyle by tailoring our home to a multifunctional location, including a home office.

Follow our recommendations to help you create your own productivity formula:

Mobilize yourself and get set to work

Find your way to switch for a work mood. For some of us it may be making a coffee and sitting with a laptop at a desk and for others could be the dress code. One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to get up early and travel to the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep working on your pajamas all day,  because on a psychological level it says: “Lie comfortably on the couch“. Of course, it is not necessary to wear blazers and shirts, but clothes that make you feel good will certainly increase your concentration.

Strategically position your home office

Working from a sofa or bed may seem like a good idea, but from a productivity point of view, it’s not the best solution.

Each of these places reminds of time for a rest and relaxation. Our advice toward you is to choose the brightest room in the apartment and to use a chair, desk or a table. Also keep your workplace tidy and free from unnecessary belongings. Leave only the ones you need, like a computer, office supplies, a watch, etc. This way, your brain knows it’s time to switch to work mode and the chance of being distracted is low. Put away your self-phone or at least turn off your mobile data in order to stop browsing through the social media channels.

Prioritize your tasks

Even though the world economy is paused, be aware of the company-wide goals and responsibly prioritize your tasks. Some people prefer to take notes in a notebook, while others use reminder software. An option is to make a wall or board on which to leave notes. Set a time for you to focus on answering emails or making phone calls. Using this approach will help you manage your time effectively.

Set your time for breaks and pay attention to your diet.

The key to maintain a high level of productivity is a good rest, a balanced diet and hydration that will feed your brain with oxygen and help you recharge your batteries.

Unfortunately, it is a common mistake that most people neglect lunch time and work instead, which is not the right approach because it leads to burnout. Another problem is the lack of enough food and water intake during the day and overeating in the evening. When it happens regularly, it confuses the biological clock in the human body. When it comes to eating, eat often in small servings, but don’t overeat so you don’t get lazy.

Working from home can be defined as a great advantage, giving you the opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle – grab the opportunity! You can eat home-cooked food or even you can have a refreshing smoothie snack. The best thing is that you can use your lunch break for a physical activity. For more inspiration follow MultiSport @Home.

Make the process pleasant with the right music background.

It has been proven that listening to music can increase concentration level, creativity and overall productivity. So, focus on your tasks as you listening to music without text such as natural sounds and melody.

Find out the best mechanisms for you and enjoy the home office environment.

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