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Let’s Learn How To Ski or Snowboard This Winter!

The sports that make both small and big feel free and happy

In the midst of a beautiful snowy winter, we want to challenge you. Imagine that at very moment you are descending with ski or snowboard on a white slope in the mountain, and along with this a pleasant feeling of freedom and genuine happiness grasps you. How do you feel? If you often think you want to do so and experience exactly these emotions but something stops you every time, the following lines are right for you. The freestyle and freeride skier Tony Cheresharov and two snowboard instructors, Martin Antonov and Petar Parvanov, tell that the first step to such a challenge is much easier than you think.

Although the focus of the three athletes is in different directions – Tony is a professional athlete, Martin trains adults and Peter trains children, they are unanimous in their answers to the most common questions relating to skiing and snowboarding. They all share the view that, in order to start practising either of these two winter sports, we first need motivation. This is where the key to progress lies.

Perhaps you already are wondering how motivation is the most important thing, since winter sports also require equipment that is not cheap. The boys confidently tell us that ski schools offer full equipment for rent at reasonable prices. According to them, it is not important whether we go skiing with brand new equipment, or rented one, but how we feel while learning to go down the snowy slope.

ски с карта Мултиспорт
Photo by Ivan Zarkov

Tony, Martin and Peter are convinced that once we try, we will like one of the sports and we will have the desire to become better at it. Then there will inevitably come a time when we will want to invest in personal equipment. However, they again advise us not to invest all our money but to choose what we need at a reasonable price.

One of the best things about winter sports is that our MultiSport Card is again a true friend of ours which gives us various opportunities to practice both skiing and snowboarding (see all slopes here). The best part is that we can do it with the whole family because the youngest enthusiasts can use their KIDS card for winter sports too. Is there a better way to spend a great weekend outdoors with our loved ones?

Дете на ски

Then, of course, the following question comes to mind: whether winter sports are appropriate for children or not. All three guys strongly recommend you take your kids skiing or snowboarding because when they ride, they feel really happy and learn something new but in an entertaining way. In addition, children don’t feel fear which is an essential part for rapid progress. We can easily spot when they feel they are progressing through the spark in their eyes.

With a big smile, Tony, Martin and Peter share that skiing and snowboarding give them everything – friends, an extraordinary connection to nature, a different view of the world, freedom, peace, true happiness. Are you ready to discover those things yourself?

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