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The one who teaches you how to love snow – snowboard trainer Veselin Angelov

There are people who not only love winter, but are in love with the snow. Vesselin Angelov is one of them – a snowboard trainer who teaches others not only how not to be afraid of snowboarding, but also how to love winter sports!

MS: Hello, Vesko! Where did your passion for winter sports and in particular for skiing and snowboarding came from?
VA: Hello! It all started when I was in 9th grade in the town of Chepelare. The winter turned out to be very long and snowy and since there was not much to do, I decided to try skiing. My passion for skiing lasted for a while, but the moment I tried snowboarding, everything else lost its meaning and it became and remained my favourite sport.

Photo: Veselin Angelov

MS: Apart from being a favourite sport, snowboarding also becomes your vocation. You are now a snowboard trainer. What kind of people come to you most often for snowboard courses?
VA: My work meets me with different people – Bulgarians, foreigners, people of different ages. When I was a trainer in Bansko, I worked mostly with foreigners from the age of 20, and now I work only with Bulgarians, but from 7 to 50 years old.

MS: Is there an age at which one can take in lessons and learn snowboarding?
VA: If a seven-year-old needs one week to learn to snowboard, another child of the same age may only need two days. It is the same with the older ones – I’ve had students at the age of 65, which means that…

…your age doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you desire to learn.

MS: What are the concerns of people trying to ski for the first time? How do you help them?
VA: The first day on the snow is always very important, because then we have to be the most attentive to the learners so that they can love winter sports, and not give them up.

This is done with a lot of attention, smiles and most of all – a lot of fun while the training itself is taking place.

If we follow these minimal efforts, then our customers will certainly return to the slope in the next season.

MS: Do you want your children to do winter sports one day? Will you teach them to snowboard?
VA: Yes, of course, even at the moment my eldest son is snowboarding and I plan to go skiing next season with the young one.

Photo: Veselin Angelov

MS: Do you think winter sports are popular enough among Bulgarians? Can we promote it more?
VA: I think we are quite developed in this, although there is always where to develop more. Unfortunately, the current situation makes it more difficult for the expansion of ski areas in Bulgaria, but certainly, if we think in this direction, we can be even more competitive.

MS: What is your favorite season?
VA: Winter is definitely my favorite, but I love every season, because in itself every season brings different pleasures. For people like me, who love the mountains in any form, in the spring walks in the woods are great. In the summer I love to go to dams, and my children love fishing.

Photo: Veselin Angelov

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