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Slopes Where We Can Ski or Snowboard This Winter With MultiSport and MultiSport Kids Cards

Osogovo Ski Center

Only 20 km from Kyustendil and 90 km from Sofia stands the favourite of many skiers and snowboarders Osogovo ski center. It offers the fans of winter sports a slope of 910 m in length and an anchor-type rope-line. And that is not all! The most exciting part of the ski center is actually the Fun Park. It has a variety of tricks and jumps where you can try out your freestyle skills, and it’s not important whether you are beginner or advanced.

Sima Ski Center

Sima Ski Center is located in Beklemeto area, 20 km from the town of Troyan. It can be reached on the way to the Troyan Pass which connects Northern and Southern Bulgaria. The ski center offers two Alpine slopes with a length of 1,200 m, as well as a children’s slope with a rope-line.

Zdravets Eco Hotel

The ski slope near Zdravets Eco Hotel is located only 20 km from Plovdiv. It is 550 m long and has a variety of slopes that are suitable for both beginners and for more advanced skiers and snowboarders. There are two lifts in the ski area, as well as artificial snow machines that guarantee sufficient snow cover even during the warmer days of the winter months.

Semkovo Ski Resort

The ski slopes to Semkovo Resort are only 20 km from Plovdiv and 17 km from Belitsa. Semkovo has seven ski slopes with a total length of 4 km, serviced by eight ski lifts. Three of them are on the northern slopes and are relatively difficult. The slopes around the resort have a small slope and are relatively easy and suitable for mass sport.

Indoor ski and snowboard in Sofia – Carve Indoor Ski, Board & Bar

For the opportunity to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the city, compliments takes CARVE. They are the first in Bulgaria sports center for skiing and snowboarding indoors which allows winter sports lovers to train and keep fit throughout the year. CARVE is an innovative and non-standard place for Bulgaria that combines an indoor skiing and snowboarding installation, a themed mountain bar and a sports equipment shop. It is suitable for both beginners and experts, children and adults, as the workouts are extremely intense and the technique used is the same as in the mountains.

And remember that with MultiSport and MultiSport Kids Cards, winter is the season of unlimited opportunities. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also practice many other outdoor and indoor activities. Ice slides, outdoor mineral pools, salt rooms, sauna, sudatorium are just a part of them. You can find the exact locations of all the sites and the services they offer at:

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