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Getting Back In Shape After The Holiday Season Binge

Lamb, eggs, chocolate eggs and kozunak. A lot of them.

Easter came and went. It gave us some nice memories, left us feeling quite full and helped us gain a few kilos. Given the fact that we’re currently staying at home – getting back in shape might seem an even more difficult task. Великден дойде и мина.

Here are some steps that will help you deal with this challenge:

Caloric deficit

The human body is a machine comprised of numerous biochemical processes based on the laws of thermodynamics. In order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than we burn or eat less than the amount we need.

In other words, the golden rule is to reduce the amount of calories consumed and to increase the level of physical activity.

You can calculate how many calories you need to maintain the desired weight with the help of the Harris-Benedict calorie calculator or any application that can track your daily menu such as MyFitnessPal.

This helps you reduce your calorie consumption by 10-25% (25% reduction would be valid for you if you do not exercise actively, don’t take in food supplements and are overweight) which, in turn, help you burn fat quickly.

Remember to maintain high levels of protein intake (1.6-2.0 g / kg body weight) so that you can accumulate adequate muscle mass.

Keep in mind that the first week you lose more weight because you’re body is also losing a lot of water, salt and glycogen. So don’t give up when the progress starts slowing with time.

Track your progress

“That which is measured improves. – Peter Drucker, “father” of the contemporary management theories.

It is of the utmost importance that we receive objective and rapid feedback on the long road of change. It keeps us motivated and shows us if we are on the right track. Feedback helps us respond and optimize on time.

If your goal is to recompose your body (weight loss / weight gain), the scale is not the only objective measurement, we need to measure a whole set of metrics:

  • Body measurements (sewing gauge) – once a month;
  • Scale – every day, under the same conditions. You keep track of the progress by comparing your weekly average weight levels;
  • Photos (in lingerie) – once a week under the same conditions.

Those three metrics are giving us a hint if we’re progressing.


Celebrate those small victories

The path to the desired look is a long one. It requires effort, perseverance, constant progress. If balanced eating has not yet become a habit for you, then the likelihood of “getting tired” on the road is enormous. Prepare for a marathon. Therefore, celebrating progress is an important factor which helps us maintain high motivation.

Един любим начин за целта е т.нар. “Стратегия на Зайнфелд” (да, комикът). Идеята е, че за да си консистентен в даден навик, трябва да проследяваш изпълнението му визуално и да оценяваш “малките победи”. Затова препоръчваме да се снабдиш с един стенен календар и да отбелязваш с хикс (или сърчице) всеки ден, в който си изпълнил успешно новия навик – например да спортуваш редовно. 

One favorite way of doing this is the so called “Seinfeld Strategy” (yes, the comedian). The idea is that in order to be consistent in making a habit stick, you have to track its performance visually and to appreciate the “small victories”. Therefore, we recommend getting a calendar and ticking every day in which you have successfully applied your new habit – for example, to exercise regularly.

Work out

In order to increase the consumption of energy, I recommend that you also try out the workout complex I am currently doing at home. I guarantee that it will get your heart rate up:

Warm-up + a complex workout routine

Warm-up: Warm up your whole body (neck, arms, waist, knees, ankles) + do some cardio: life your knees high, do some burpees and running exercises. Do each of those exercises for about 20 sec.

Make 4 reps of the workout routine and have a 30 sec. break between each exercise and 45 to 1 minute after every circuit.

1. Lunges – 12 reps on each leg

2. Squat with or without weights – 20 reps

3. Push-ups – 10 reps

4. Crunches – 25 reps

5. Plank – 45 sec

Would you dare to try this?

Don’t forget that you can work out LIVE with your favourite trainers every working day at 17:30 and 18:30. Where? MultiSport‘s Facebook page.

Good luch!

Author: Zhasmina Gevezieva

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