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Children and sport – how to encourage the little ones to love sport

The upbringing of each of us starts from an early age – we learn to communicate, to behave well in society and we shape up our personality. This is the period in which each parent should teach his or her child to lead an active and healthy life and educate him or her about sports.

Kid and mother doing sports

But why is it so important that every child is physically active?

Data from WHO states that Bulgaria ranks fifth in Europe in child obesity. It turns out that 200 000 Bulgarian children are overweight, and 67 000 are obese.

This data is undoubtedly the result of young Bulgarians’ unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food and prolonged sitting are just some of the factors that result in obesity, which, in turn, leads to more unfavorable health conditions and illnesses.
Therefore, every child’s everyday physical activities are of utmost importance for staying in good shape and building a good physical culture. At any rate, sport equals health.

But how to “introduce” sport to our children? What would be best for them?
Above all, we must keep in mind the interests of our little ones and their temperament. If you are not sure what sport to choose, you can try out some of the most popular sports that contribute favorably to the child’s physical development:
Kid swimming

  • Swimming – it is beneficial for both the physical and mental health of the child.
  • Ice skating is a very accessible sport and helps every little hero to learn how to keep balance.
  • And skiing is a great opportunity to enjoy winter in the mountains, with the whole family.
  • You can enroll your children in a martial arts class, which will not only take care of their good shape, but will also teach them discipline. This can have a beneficial effect not only on your children’s behaviour not only while they do sports, but also in school, and in the way they communicate with friends.
  • Undoubtedly, sport also contributes to building a higher level of self-esteem and the child gains the courage to cope with everything. You may notice that your child becomes more responsible after you have enrolled him or her in a group sport.
    If you want to show the exciting world of sports to your children, but you need more ideas to decide what to enroll him or her in, you can get some inspiration from the sports activities, included in the MultiSport KIDS programme.

    There are many possibilities and the goal is only one – that your child stays in excellent physical shape and is toned every day.

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