Terms and conditions - Multisport



1.1. These Terms (the “Terms”) govern the conduct of a sticker collection campaign for visits to sports venues with a MultiSport / MultiSport Kids card in a MultiPASSport passport (“Campaign”).

1.2. The organizer of the Campaign is BENEFIT SYSTEMS BULGARIA OOD, UIC 203418971 , with registered office and management address in Sofia 1612, Krasno Selo district, 11-13 Yunak Str., Benefit Systems or the Organizer) .

1.3. The campaign takes place from 01/07/2022 to 31/08/2022 .

1.4. The campaign is organized and conducted in Bulgarian language  and is implemented through the page https://www.facebook.com , on the website: www.benefitsystems.bg and through  official channels of the Organizer in the platforms : YouTube , LinkedIn, Instagram.

1.5. The Participants confirm that they are familiar with the content of these Terms and agree to abide by them.


2.1. The right to participate in the Campaign have individuals – holders of active cards MultiSport and MultiSport Kids , i.e persons aged 18 and children under 16, personally and through their legal representatives – parents and guardians.

2.2. It is not allowed to participate with more than one MultiSport / MultiSport Kid card from one participant.

2.3. Participation in the Campaign is voluntary, not related to a purchase, and to avoid doubt it is necessary for Participants to have active MultiSport / MultiSport Kids cards , i.e paid monthly subscription for the service .


3.1. The campaign requires collecting stickers from the XX number of sites included in the summer offer of the Organizer in a special paper passport  called MultiPASSport .

3.2. Anyone wishing to participate in the campaign can receive their  MultiPASSport from each site participating in the Campaign , in which they can stick the stickers from the visited sites. List of sites, part of the Campaign, you can see here benefitsystems.bg/summer22.

3.3 The passport is not replaced and there is no money equivalent.

3.4. Only Participants who meet the Conditions participate in the drawing of prizes

3.5. Employees of the Organizer, as well as members of their families (in direct and collateral line) are not allowed to participate in the Campaign.


4.1. The first three participants who have collected 30 stickers can send their completed MultiPASSport in original by 10/09/2022 to receive a prize from the Organizer at the Organizer’s address.

4.2. The prize is  material  , It is provided free of charge and will be further specified.

4.3. The awards are delivered only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

4.4. It is not allowed to replace a prize with another item  or its monetary equivalent.

4.5. Prizes are personal and cannot be awarded to a person other than the participant.

4.6. Each participant has the right to receive only one prize.

4.7. The prize is sent by courier to the address indicated by the winning participant,  and the costs are borne by the Organizer. If the participant is not found within 5 (five) working days at the coordinates specified by him / address and telephone /, he loses the right to receive the prize and such is not provided.

4.8. The organizer is not responsible for unreceived / undelivered prizes at an incorrect or incorrect address submitted by the participant. In these cases, the prize is given to another participant who meets the conditions and has collected 30 stickers.


5.1. Benefit Systems Bulgaria OOD – The Organizer processes the received personal data in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

5.2. In case the Participant in the Campaign is a minor, the consent of a parent / custodian / guardian is an absolute prerequisite for participation in the Campaign.

5.3. The organizer shall take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the data from accidental or illegal destruction, or accidental loss, from unauthorized access, alteration or dissemination, as well as from other illegal forms of processing.

5.4. The personal data provided by the participants will be used only in connection with the Campaign.

5.5. Award-winning participants agree that their names may be published on the Facebook page of BENEFIT SYSTEMS or another official communication channel of Benefit Systems (website, Instragram , LinkedIn).

5.6. The user has the right to request access to, correction, deletion of personal data, to object to the processing of personal data, the right to request restrictions on the processing of personal data, the right to transfer personal data between operators, as well as and the right to lodge a complaint with the competent state authorities – the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

5.7. The organizer stores the personal data of the winners within the time limits according to the current Bulgarian legislation.


6.1. The Organizer is not responsible for damages that are not a direct and immediate consequence of participation in the Campaign or are the result of the inability of the Participants to contact the Organizer – at the physical address or through the relevant Internet server. The organizer is not responsible for technical problems, such as, but not limited to, a missing passport due to the fault of a courier.

6.2. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any content that it deems inappropriate and inappropriate, incompatible with the Campaign, offensive, discriminatory or contrary to morals. In these cases the decision of the Organizer will be final and not subject to further discussion.

6.3. The Organizer is not responsible for losses and / or damages suffered by the Participant and / or a third party as a result of false identity provided by the Participant, entering incorrect data or other similar actions for the purpose of more participation.



7.1 The Terms have been published and will remain available for the entire period of the Campaign on the website of BENEFIT SYSTEMS.

7.2. The Organizer reserves the right to amend or change the Rules at any time by announcing this on the Facebook page and on the website of Benefit Systems. If the participant does not agree with the Rules or their changes, he should not take action to participate.

7.3.The current Bulgarian legislation shall apply to all unsettled issues in these Rules.

This Campaign is not sponsored, assigned or implemented in any way by Facebook . As the Campaign is not organized by Facebook, no legal claims can be made against Facebook. The recipient of the information provided by the Participants is Benefit Systems, not Facebook .