Module 4: HR - Multisport

Team management and motivation. Recruitment.

How to get the maximum potential from the people in your teams?

Date: November 17

Find out how your clients make decisions and by what criteria assess whether they are satisfied or not with the experience in your club. Create culture of personal responsibility and develop leadership style, which will allow you build and develop efficient and motivated team. Use a structured and transparent approach for performance management of your employees.


After completion of the training you will be able to:

Understand and control your role of a manager and the influence you have on the culture of your team;

Understand the different management styles; you will be able to assess in which situation which style to use in order to manage the performance and the motivation of your employees;

Monitor efficiently the performance and development of your employees in different zones of the club (reception desk, free access zone, group training zones);

Make a profile of the perfect employee for the vacant positions according to the specifics of the position and apply techniques for identifying the appropriate applicants during an interview.



Interactive training that will show you why the management of people today is much more difficult than before and  you will face a number of challenges connected with your roles of manager and leader: Difficult retention of loyal employees, types of employees who do not meet the expectations (inconsistent, passive, dissatisfied, unfocused, disloyal) and conflict situations in the team.



Organizational culture: Creation, personal responsibility, personal example, requirement;

Leader styles: “Compass or clock”, employee’s lifecycle, situation leadership;

Performance management and motivation; goals setting, delegation, feedback;

Selection: Avatar of the perfect employee, structured interview.


In short you get:

Instrument for planning a personal approach to every employee.

To take part in Module 4: “Management and motivation of a team in the area of fitness and wellness industry. Recruitment.” from the MultiSport Academy, please contact your Agent Partner Network.