Module 2: Sales - Multisport

Sales and customer service.

How to create loyal clients - the key to the successful business?

Date: 20 May 2020

Understand the process of decision making of your clients and create experience that meets your clients’ expectations. Understand the formula of success in sales and implement sales process focused on the needs of your clients.


After completion of the training you will be able to:

Understand the big picture of the sales job and plan the required efforts for achievement of the sales goals by proactive management of the sales funnel;

Understand the expectations of your clients and create a system to meet them;

Develop clients that know you and clients who don’t work with you;

Carry out valuable discussions with your clients – transformation from presentation of the product features to discussions and presenting solutions focused on the benefits for the client;

Serve more efficiently, melt ices and build trust in client.



Interactive training that will submerge you into the world of the expectations and the needs of your clients. You will make a sales plan for your club and then in the process of execution, you will face suspicious and unsatisfied clients to whom you need to demonstrate why they should start or continue visiting you.



Clients’ expectations and needs;
Sales funnel management;
Unique selling proposition;
Identification of clients’ needs;
Handling objections;
Closing the sales;
Interrelations spectrum;
Post-sales services;
Net Promoter Score;


In short you get:

Personal sales funnel with which you will be able to plan your sales activities; interrelations spectrum with which you will prioritize your efforts for different clients and will be able to build individual action plans for different clients.

To take part in Module 2: “Sales and customer support. Customer experience, sales process, service standards” from the MultiSport Academy, please contact your Agent Partner network.