Back to school 2021 - Multisport

Include sports activities as a daily routine for your children. Besides the fact it helps them to be more active, sport develops social skills, the ability to receive information, success in school and self-esteem.

With MultiSport KIDS your children can visit different sports every day in more than 400 sports and relaxation facilities with activities specially selected for children.

Exercises body and mind

Fighting classes

Various martial arts and fighting classes such as fencing, fighting classes and boxing.

Yoga practices

Your children can dive into the world of yoga with various yoga and spiritual practices.

Outdoor and indoor pools

Your child can have a swim in the pool or enjoy an aqua spinning or aqua aerobics class.

Sports climbing

Climbing is a good way to help your children put their energy into something fun and productive.

Strength training

Functional workouts will help your child improve their flexibility, strength and coordination.

Movement is health and fun

Racket sports

Court tennis, table tennis, badminton and squash are great for developing motor skills.


Folk dances, contemporary dances and ballet are just a few selections from our "dancing menu".

Aerobic activities

Kangoo jumps, zumba, pilates, tae-bo and many other aerobic activities.

Air acrobatics

Air acrobatics will teach your child how to be more flexible.

Sports games

A game of bowling, pool or snooker can extend your children's attention span and can improve their analytical thinking.