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You set the tempo this season with kart racing and billiard

The summer is coming to an end which means that we can officially kick off the new sports season.

If you just came back from a long vacation, you will probably need a bit more time until you start go back to your regular sports routine. Kart racing and billiard are wonderful ideas for sports which will easily help you go back to your daily routine.


A 30-minute game of pool burns at least 90 calories

That’s why your MultiSport card is giving you the opportunity to play a 30-minute game of pool so that you can sense each and every one of its benefits. Browse the facilities offering billiards here.

Just a game or something more?

“Billiards is a fun and social sport that builds character! The best thing about this game is that it’s suitable for all ages. It improves one’s coordination, balance, teaches discipline, perseverance and self-control. The fast-changing situations on the pool table encourage you to think faster, to be braver and more decisive. Of course, a game of pool after a long working day is more than pleasant and relaxing, especially if you are sharing this experience with your friends or family.” – Stefana Alexova, snooker referee

Discover your competitive spirit and have fun with your closest ones

Billiards can easily turn into a team game that you can play with your whole family. In addition to the fact that you have the chance to do an activity with your closest ones, the competitive element of the game makes it even more exciting and intriguing.

Improve your concentration

The moments in which you observe the moves of your opponents and think about the perfect angle of your next hit, require a very high level of concentration. The more you take your pool stick in your hands, the better you’ll be able to concentrate on your daily tasks.

It gives you the opportunity to discover hidden talents

If you haven’t played pool so far, you have the perfect opportunity to find out if you possess the talent which allows you to bank several balls into the pockets with just one move (without the black and white ones, of course). The good thing about billiards is that it’s not one of those sports that you need to practice from a young age to turn into a professional player. Research shows that pool champions are 36 years old on average, so don’t give up!

Kart racing

Kart racing, just like pool, is a sport whose health benefits are highly underestimated. It is actually a very effective aerobic activity which increases the heart rate and enhances the upper body’s strength. If you’re curious enough to try it out, take a look at the facilities offering kart racing here.

Kart racing is more than just an aerobic activity, it’s a passion

„Kart racing is a passion – the same passion that the fastest and most popular motorsports pilots feel when they race. To set up your kart and to find the fastest and most optimal route on the karting path is like a happiness curve for those who practice karting. When you’re about to hit the pedal and you’re waiting for the red light to turn green, you’re entering an entirely new dimension, you feel every heart beat in your years. Green, one, two, three and you’re already driving with 40-50 km per hour and you’re preparing for your first turn. That’s happiness! – Yordan Yochev, former kart racing competitor

Karting + race = a lot of fun

Driving a kart will not only tone up your muscles, but if you organize a small competition on the karting path, you will have a lot of fun as a result. The more you practice on the track, the more often you will win the go-kart race and you will become even more confident in yourself.

Improve your reflexes

If you are in a go-kart race, your goal is probably to make more laps in less time. And in order to achieve this result, you need to learn how to control and maneuver your kart so that you can take all turns with ease, which will improve your reflexes and reactions.

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