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The health benefits of eating colourful foods

Physical activity, fresh and quality foods are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to active sports and the proper liquid intake, the food menu is also of paramount importance.

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If you like eating fruit and vegetables, then the following information will surely awaken your curiosity.

Do you know that the different colors of those delicious foods indicate the healthy nutrients they contain?

Fruit and vegetables with bright colours, like green, purple, yellow and red, contain different nutrients, that you can recognize only by their colour:

  • Red fruit and vegetables are rich in lycopene, which helps protect against free radicals and cancer diseases. Red vegetables are very good for your heart and respiratory system.
  • Purple-coloured foods contain antioxidants which lower the risk for heart disease and also slow down ageing.
  • Orange fruit and vegetables are rich sources of alpha and beta carotene, maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.
  • The yellow colour means that a certain food contains antioxidants, which are important for the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Green vegetables lower the risk of cataract and contain lutein, which is a natural carotenoid. Apart from protecting the vision, green foods are with a high concentration of chlorophyll – the origin of oxygen.

Active sport and a healthy diet will always be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, which in turn helps maintain the tone needed to carry out your daily tasks.

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