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Sports facilities

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently preparing for a partial reactivation of the MultiSport service in February, in case the measures remain the same.
All users under the age of 18 with a KIDS card or accompanying card will not be able to use the service. This is due to the Order of the Minister of Health which states that all activities for persons under 18 years of age are suspended.

What will you have access to if the service is reactivated partially?

Facilities and activities list

Please have in mind that the following list is valid only in the event of a partial reactivation of the service. The list was last updated on 21.01.2021, it is not final and can change.

You also have access to all online services at

You also have access to on-demand video workouts, LIVE classes, webinars, discounts, recipes and many others.

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See the partner network of 1 000+ facilities which would be accessible in case the access to all sports facilities is restored