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Small steps that lead to great results

Are you in good shape? It is determined by your habits. How successful are you? It’s determined by your habits. Are you satisfied with life? It is determined by your habits.

Your life today is a result of your daily routine. To change your life, you need to change your habits first – says Zhasmina Gevezieva. Read below to see her point of view.

The result of small choices is accumulating. If you improve by 1 percent every day in an important aspect for you, at the end of the year you will be 37% better! 

Here’s an easy strategy that will get you significant results: The two-minute rule.

In short, the idea is that whatever habit you want to build, you have to break it in a two-minute start. Two crucial minutes that are so easy to implement that you can’t ignore them. 

Want to read more? Take the book and read the first paragraph. 

Do you want to play more sports? Get your clothes ready for sports.

Do you want to eat healthy? Plan your meal for the day.

Now, It’s your turn

Write down the habit you want to achieve: ______________

Write down a strategy that will take you 2 minutes to start this habit: ________________________________________________

Behavioral change, repeated often enough, over time leads to a real radical change. For me, this was the moment when I started preparing my food for the day before. Zero investment of time in thinking about food during the day. 100% follow the plan and guarantee optimal results, going effortlessly in the right direction.

We are used to waiting for the defining moment when we will say “end” and we will be ready for change. For some, it’s January 1st. For others – from Monday. The key to change is to focus on the importance of the only time we have complete control over – the present moment.

For example, if you order a salad for lunch instead of pizza today, the difference of a few hundred calories doesn’t seem to matter much. This is true today. What may follow is the “snowball effect” – days with high-calorie lunches turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. The effect is extra pounds. When we repeat small mistakes day after day and rationalize excuses, our small choices lead to toxic results. If we focus on being one percent better every day, quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes in the long run.

“Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day; while failure is just a few errors of judgment, repeated every day.” – Jim Ron, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

In what aspect do you want to improve every day by 1%?

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