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Art evenings at the office – an internal MultiSport initiative that became a reality in no time thanks to the enthusiasm and creativity of its employee.

Conversations with clients, meetings and contracts – this is the usual day of a sales representative. But not the one of Alex Gospodinova – apart from being a capable trader, she is a painter and an artist who skillfully swings the brush of inspiration and transforms her ideas into an exciting experience for the entire team.

Her desire to share her talent and show the world around her that art is for everyone who wants to create, gives birth to the evening art classes at the office.

The idea was quickly embraced by the team and only a few panels, brushes and paints later made this idea into a reality. The ten vacancies for the first art class have been filled within minutes after the news of the upcoming initiative has been announced.

The working day is over and everyone is awaiting for their dose of creative experience. Art class participants have chosen an appropriate picture together, and Alex has taken on the heavy task of being a mentor and showing her students how to breathe life into their board step by step. Following her guidance, it is students’ turn to “play” their part and show what they are capable of with the brush.

Of course, do not imagine a 3-hour performance without intermission. The creative process is often interrupted by exclamations such as “the crown of my tree of turned out strange” and “my man looks more like a geisha in kimono than a Tibetan monk,” followed by a sincere and unforged laughter in the hall. Alex intervenes where needed and actively helps so that the trees get more realistic, and the geisha – well, let her stay a geisha, we will just paint her more comfortable shoes for mountain climbing.

Imperceptibly, after several hours of focused drawing, masterpieces are present and everyone agrees on the result:

“Art classes were one of the most interesting activities organised in our office. Looking at my colleagues’ creations after each class, I was surprised of how different the view of each of us can be seeing and trying to copy the same picture. And if you look philosophically… it’s the same in our work.”

This is the best indicator that the mission has been fulfilled, and when we asked all the artists what was the best part about them from the whole experience, all the answers went in the same direction:

“We all create something and learn together. The best part is that the atmosphere is friendly and supportive and it was really drawing us closer together.”

Art evenings are proof that an idea can easily become a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole team, with enthusiasm and desire being the only and sufficient condition in this task.

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