Module 3: Finance - Multisport

Business model of a profitable fitness and wellness business

How does actually money create value?

Date: 16 September 2020

See the cause-and-effect relations between the key financial and business indicators in your business and how the everyday managerial decisions impact the results. Find out how to interpret from managerial point of view the financial data in order to identify promptly the required improvements in the business operations.


After completion of the training you will be able to:

Create generally acceptable vision for your business and the challenges it faces;

Develop fundamental understanding of the financial and managerial concepts;

Understand how your business creates profit today and what is necessary to generate profit in future;

Gain knowledge on how the day-to-day decisions impact the finance and the strategy of the company;

Identify improvements in the business operations.



International licensed financial business simulation used in the MBA programmes of 7 from the 10 leading world universities and in more than half of the Fortune 1000 companies. You will get the role of the new management team of A&O AD – a reputable fitness and wellness company that faces serious challenges. The company is losing market share and the requirements of clients and suppliers increase. A & O AD needs a new disciplined financial and business strategy.



Business finance: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss account, cash flow and means of circulation;
Gross profit, Operating profit, Pre-tax profit, Net profit, Taxes;
Capacity: Area, income per m2, income per session, load of sessions, interchangeability of staff;
Efficiency of the supply of product/ service, client’s lifestyle, retention of clients and client’s satisfaction;
Operational efficiency and continuous business improvements.


In short you get:

Profit simulator that will help you make easy business decisions.

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