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Why is yoga important for children? What are the benefits of it? – Improves attention and concentration, expands the imagination, calms the mind and reduces tension and stress, regulates metabolism, contributes to the proper functioning of the endocrine glands, activates internal muscles, develops flexibility, coordination, and general physical culture.
Class duration: 60 min
Recommended clothing: long leggings, tank top, socks
Air yoga is a unique sport that combines yoga poses, gymnastics, and strength elements, in an incredibly relaxing position for the body in special hammocks suspended from the ceiling. Practicing Air Hoga reduces muscle tension, neck, and back pain. Class duration: 75 min
Classes will encourage your child to develop their imagination and creativity through various activities, including and excluding hoop, veil, hammock, and more. Various individual, duet, and group activities are provided. Each class is specially designed so that children learn different movements and develop their physical culture while having fun! Our instructors are fully prepared to work with children. Class duration: 60 min
Bungee Fitness and Dance is a specially developed innovative training program to strengthen muscles through freedom of movement. Develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and tone for the whole body. It combines aerobic, acrobatic, and dance movements with medium to high intensity. Thanks to the help provided by the bungee, gravity is easily overcome, which makes the performance of the exercises attractive, but at the same time safe. Unlike other sports, there is no strain on the joints. In addition, it is a wonderful way to strengthen and strengthen your muscles completely without even realizing it. Recommended clothing: long leggings, top (the area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ this and the abdomen needs to be covered), clean sneakers (optional).

Pole Dance Bulgaria is one of the first schools in vertical and aerial acrobatics on the territory of the country, wherein a fun and efficient way you can keep yourself toned and in shape, increase your physical strength and endurance, challenge yourself and your abilities. The school has three fully-equipped halls in key places in the capital.
The halls have a dressing room, bathroom, and the necessary equipment for training.
The training takes place in three components – warm-up, the study of elements, and techniques, in accordance with the level of the trainer and stretching for the final.

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Dear clients, it is mandatory for the service of your choice to make a preliminary reservation at https://poledance.customer.fitsys.co/
All training marked with * in the schedule on the site of Pole Dance Bulgaria is available with Multisport cards – http://poledance-bg.com/schedule/.

Children attending Air Acrobatics must be over 4 years of age.


51, Al. Malinov blvd., Metro City Center, fl. -1
Sofia, Mladost, 51, Al. Malinov blvd., Metro City Center, fl. -1

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