CF GRAVITY - Multisport

CF Gravity Sofia is built with the belief that to achieve Functional Fitness you need the knowledge and skills you need to acquire in many fields. Don’t worry, our coaches will pay attention to this happening. We strive for it every day.
Our appeal is to come together and support one another, because sport creates this community.

We see people grow as they try, we see confidence, determination, aspirations and self-confidence. It is an absolute pleasure for us to observe, assist and encourage people on their journey to this end.

We believe that the successes we have had come from our strong foundational beliefs:
– Our gym is a place where everyone comes to get the best of themselves and the best of each other.
– Friendly attitude.
– Our room is professional when it needs to be, but also silly and fun when it can be.
Gravity is a place where people care for one another.
– A gym that evokes an absolute passion for sports.

We will be glad to see you soon in our tribe!
We look forward to sharing our passion for you to be the best shape you can be!


Activities with MultiSport


Monday – Friday: 08:00 am until 09:00 am and 09:00 am until 10:00 am.


160 Carica Ioanna blv.
Sofia, Lulin, 160 Carica Ioanna blv.

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