A message from Tzvetan Ivanov - Multisport

Dear clients, partners and MultiSport users,

I would like to frame the main priorities of Benefit Systems Bulgaria and the plans for the MultiSport card. Our service has more than 100 000 active users while partnering with over 1000 sports facilities. This is why we believe it is our responsibility to share our plans regarding the development of the sports benefits business. We are going to change the price list of the MultiSport service.

I believe it is not necessary to enter into details about the influence of the macroeconomic factors, the inflation and the high degree of uncertainty since all of us can acknowledge them. Our pricing politics need to be aligned with those factors.

I want to assure you that while aiming for a more secure future of MultiSport and helping our partner facilities, we will continue to cherish and prioritize our clients and cardholders. This is why we will offer the best conditions for employee cards, while the accompaniying cards will feel a more significant increase in their price.

I am proud that as an organization we have always been transparent and consistent in our decisions and actions. While the change seems challenging, it will still happen gradually, considering the specifics of our service and the structure of our portfolio.

We are continously investing in the improvement of the MultiSport benefit programme and will continue to develop and become better at our work so we can exceed your expectations. I am grateful that you are with us on this journey. I am convinced that the upcoming changes will improve the user journey and increase the added value of the MultiSport card.

With respect,

Tzvetan Ivanov

Managing Director

Benefit Systems Bulgaria