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Important information about “Chanove” clubs

Dear clients and cardholders,

It’s always exciting for us to enter into a new partnership, because we give you a wider range of activities and facilities to choose from, but losing a valuable partner can sometimes happen, too.
As of 01.03.2019, all “Chanove” clubs located in Sofia will no longer be part of MultiSport‘s network. However, we are continuing our partnership with the facilities in the rest of the country.

We and our partners from “Chanove” have made a serious effort to continue our partnership in Sofia, but we have come to this decision because of our inability to reach a consensus on our future contractual relationships.

We understand that this might cause some inconvenience to the facilities’ regular visitors and therefore, we would like to offer you the following alternative facilities:

Facilities near the National Palace of Culture:

Facilities near the city center:

Facilities near “Bulgaria” hall:

Facilities near the Telecommunications college:

Facilities near “Hristo Botev” hall:

Facilities in the “Geo Milev” region:

Facilities in Mladost:

Facilities in Lyulin:

Facilities near “Tsaribrodska”:

We will continue to make every effort to expand our partner network with sports facilities offering folk dances. You can see an up-to-date list with all facilities at:

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