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How not to overeat during the holidays?

Christmas and New Year holidays are here and it is the time for family gatherings, gifts and food. Lots and lots of food.

How to keep the fit shape body, on which we have carefully been training all year? There are many ways and in recent years I have specialized in this problem, creating the first online platform in Bulgaria, dealing with systemic overeating. So this time the article will be a little different. List. Tested and working list. Not everything will feel like “your way”, but whatever you do will help.

Here we go

  1. Reduce calories intake during the rest of the holiday period.

Weight loss and weight gain are due to whether you are on a calorie intake or a calorie (energy) excess. Monitor your diet through the period and eat lighter, low-calorie foods – if possible easily digestible protein (eggs, white meat, white fish), combined with seasonal vegetables. If you do not feel familiar enough with the energy values ​​of food, you can navigate the energy intake through the food library of a calorie tracking application

2. Limit yourself to one plate. It has been proven that using small plates will help reduce energy intake without effort.

The problem is that if you are a guest, there is no way to apply this method – you comply with what is available in the environment. Therefore, the approach I recommend is to limit yourself to one plate of whatever you want. The best option would be to fill it half with vegetables, and the rest – at will. In this case, the probability of being a few pounds on top after the holidays decreases dramatically.

3. Don’t stop moving.

Move, workout at home – you have the conditions. This way you will be fresh and in a good mood at the same time, keeping year-round habits, fast metabolism and good shape,

4. Consume plenty of fluids.

In this way you will feel more full and you will reduce the excess caloric intake. Keep in mind that alcohol is not in this column. Alcohol is a nutrient with an energy value of 7 kcal, which does not bring you anything significant – the so-called “empty calories”. Therefore, consume wisely – in the name of good health, mood and shape

5. Eat slowly.

 Eating slowly in sweet talk and good company, leptin (satiety hormone) will signal the brain when to stop – the time required is about 20 minutes after the start.

6. And last but not least – enjoy the moment.

Once a year there are holidays. Following the common phrase: “You do not gain weight between Christmas and New Year, but between New Year and Christmas”, my call is to enjoy the moment and experience it fully. Enjoy, make memories, be aware at all times. Awareness will help you feel when you are full and stop eating when needed.

I wish you wonderful holidays and a more active year 2021!

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