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Employees with bicycles = more productivity

According to a research conducted by HRmagazine, employees, going to work by bike, perform a lot better at work and save money for their employers.

Каране на велосипед и мотивация на персонала

A higher probability to arrive on time, increased staff motivation and productivity – this is what the study concluded, in which took part employees, who ride a bike to work. Apart from performing the daily tasks effectively, employee physical activity is also economically effective, since it saves expenditures on transport and time, spent in traffic.

Employers, who have employees, riding to work by bike, believe that this is a fast and reliable means of transport, which results in companies saving working hours, equal to 32 thousand euro.

According to the research, employees, who are late for work, to their work tasks less effectively. 52% of the employers state that their employees lose time until they adapt to the working process, and 46% note that employees’ efficiency becomes significantly lower if they are late for work.

More energy, efficiency and staff motivation – this is what employers conclude, when it comes to their employees riding bikes to work.


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