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Active lifestyle at the office

The office is probably the last place we would associate with physical activity. The days spent in front of the computer, are synonymous to daily sitting and lack of movement.

Sitting all day long

But that could change with a few easy steps.
Have you ever thought about doing physical activities during the work day? Even by getting up from the desk at least once every hour and moving your body in the areas of the feet, the waist and the neck, will improve your health. This will not only stimulate your blood circulation, but will also help you feel more energized than ever.

A lunch hour workout?

It might seem strange at first, but the lunch break can be a good time to move around. Take a look around you – there probably is a sports center around your office, where you can “re-charge your batteries”. In case you have a MultiSport card, check out the sports centers close to you and choose the most suitable one for you. Fitness, yoga or badminton can definitely be placed in an hour’s lunch break.

Lunch break workout

And why not organize group activities with colleagues at least once a week? Pick one day of the workweek, put on your sports clothes and indulge in a 30-minute light workout. This can happen in the common areas of your building, at a hall or at the nearby sports center. Then you will feel recharged and you will continue the day with fresh energy.

The active way of life is a basic prerequisite for good health and excellent shape. It should not remain in the background, although we spend most of the day sitting in front of the computer. As we all know very well – sitting is detrimental to our bodies. Therefore, introducing physical activity during working hours is extremely important, not only because it will make you feel more toned and in shape, but also because it will help improve your health.

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