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5 important reasons to encourage your employees to eat together

Nowadays many companies are trying to use lunch hours to break the typical business day. Removing the headphones, stepping out of the desks and eating together is always refreshing. This gives space for employees to relax, talk to colleagues and creates important social connections. That’s why it’s a good idea to have lunch with your team:

1. It boosts productivity

No one can work without a break but It is increasingly common practice for employees to have lunch at the desk in the office, or even not to take lunch break at all. This can lead to burnout and a serious drop in productivity. By organizing a get-together over lunch with your team, you can ensure that they all get a decent break and rediscover the value of taking time out.

2. It is a team building exercise

It is sometimes a difficult task for employees to establish a close relationship with management or with each other especially when the work is stressful. By removing the professional constraints from your interactions, you can get to know each other properly.

3. It’s good for well-being

It is much easier to eat in a hurry instead of preparing the right meal for yourself. Fast food may be a good solution if you want to save some time but it doesn’t fit into the healthy lifestyle agenda. Eating together encourages people to try new healthy foods, share new recipes and enjoy food for the pleasure that it is.

4. It helps with communications

When you’ve got a social event to show off about, it can improve your organization’s presence on social media. Encourage your employees to share pictures of your lunch online, using a particular hashtag. This will enable your external audience to see your fantastic company culture.

5. It makes people happy

Your lunch break is the perfect time to have a good laugh with your colleagues and friends. They put those work woes into perspective and give you the outlet you need to distress, offload and go back to work feeling fresh, focused and full of energy.

So why not try? We hope that, like us, you will spend great time together!

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